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Waterdown, Ontario, Canada
Christopher Francis was born in Brisbane, Australia, on June 21, 1974. At 19, he was accepted into the Animation program at Sheridan College, and then graduated with a degree in Sociology from McMaster University. Following a two year adventure overseas working with children, Christopher completed a Bachelor of Education at York University. He is now teaching junior level students in Burlington, Ontario. Currently working on a middle grade series, Christopher has recently completed and illustrated the first two books entitled: Solving Damian Dermite and Respecting Mr. Ravi. He has also created three primary leveled books called How to sneak your Monster into School, Mr. Pancake Turkey, I Don't Want to go to Sleep, and Bigger than Alexander. Additionally, Christopher has illustrated children’s novels for several independent authors including, BrendanKelly Publishing, Highview and Trimatrix. They all can be viewed on

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